Radiation experts

Within Leiden University and the LUMC, the Radiation Protection Unit (RPU/HSE) is responsible for ensuring safe conditions when working with radioactive substances and x-ray equipment.

In addition to the RPU, the local radiation experts also play an important role within the Faculty of Science. If you are planning to work within the university with radioactive substances and/or x-ray equipment, you should contact the radiation experts to register for the radiological workers course (Radiation Protection Level 5B).

Radiation Protection Unit (RPU) of the HSE Department

Chair RPU
Gijsbert van Willigen tel. 071 526 4304

General Coordinating Radiation Expert for Leiden University and LUMC
René Huinen tel. 071 527 3253

Radiation Experts
Fred van Dam tel. 071 526 5658
Harry de Maaker tel. 071 526 2599
Jan Gribnau tel 071 526 61815 of 526 99959
Marc Fluttert (AMD, W&N) tel. 071 527 4333

Coordinating radiation experts for the Faculty of Science

The coordinating radiation experts of the Faculty of Science are listed on the AMD website.

Last Modified: 27-01-2015