Prevention officers

Within the university buildings some employees have been appointed as prevention officers. They act as contact persons for all employees and students in that particular building with respect to issues related to work conditions and environment. In the larger laboratories, prevention officers are also responsible for performing certain tasks.

Faculty of Science

M.F.J. Fluttert (Head of the Faculty HSE Department)
Biological Safety Officer (BSO)
4333 / 904333

A.F.D Kamp
Biological Safety Officer (BSO)
4662/904662 or 4753/904753

P.E.H. Roemelé
HSE Consultant

Mw. M. Samwel

J.A. Haars

In the absence of a given contact person, you can contact one of the other contact persons or send an e-mail to the HSE Department ( See also the website of the HSE Department of the faculty.

Prevention officer per building (with the exception of the Faculty of Science)


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