Occupational care

Prevention officers

Within the university buildings some employees have been appointed as prevention officers. They act as contact persons for all employees and students in that particular building with respect to issues related to work conditions and environment. In the larger laboratories, prevention officers are also responsible for performing certain tasks.

Health & Safety Catalogue

Following earlier CAO agreements, the universities and employees’ organisations make agreements regarding working conditions and record them in the form of a Health & Safety Catalogue. This catalogue contains guidelines and instruments which have proven to be effective at other universities. The agreements are assessed by the Health and Safety Inspectorate.

Dangerous substances

Dangerous substances can form a health hazard. They can be inhaled, ingested or absorbed through the skin. Dangerous substances can take the form of liquids, powders or solutions made from the above. Dangerous substances are recognisable by the hazard symbol that appears on the original packaging.

Medical travel advice

A medical travel advice is an individual medical advice offered by specialised nurses from the Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Department to employees and students planning to travel abroad.

Policy cycle

At the start of 2005 the Executive Board formulated a Health, Safety and Environment Plan for 2004-2007

Annual HSE Report

Leiden University is committed to constantly improving the working conditions of its employees and students and to reduce to a bare minimum the impact of its activities on the environment. These efforts are described in the Annual Health, Safety and Environment .

Risk Assessment and Evaluation (RA&E)

We all agree that safety and health at work are in everyone’s best interest! After all, we all profit from preventing absenteeism and occupational disability caused by accidents and occupational illness. The Risk Assessment and Evaluation (RA&E) is one of the tools we can use to achieve this goal.