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The HSE Department is only open to employees and students of Leiden University and the LUMC.

Only for employees and students

Do you require more information about one of the topics covered on the website? Or do you have a question for one of the staff members of the HSE Department? You can use this page to send us an email. We will only answer e-mails from employees and students of Leiden University and the LUMC. Please mention whether you are an employee or a student in your contact information.
We do not respond to queries from external parties!

Searching for information

The HSE Department is frequently consulted regarding general matters the answer to which can be found without much effort on Internet, including queries such as ‘I would like to know more about Hepatitis C’ and ‘Which rules from the Working Conditions Act apply to education?". If you are looking for general information on a particular topic, we advise you to begin by searching on a start page or internet guide. These sites usually provide references to specialised sites that contain all the relevant information on the topic in question.

I still have a question
If you still have a question, you can contact us by e-mail. Please use only the e-mail address listed below. We answer all e-mails from employees and students of Leiden University and the LUMC (as long as their query is sent from an e-mail address issued by the university or the LUMC). Queries from external parties will not be processed.

Working at the HSE Department

HSE Department vacancies are always announced via the vacancies website of Leiden University and the LUMC. In case of an external vacancy, advertisements will be published in a few national dailies and weeklies and on specialised vacancies sites. Our department does not respond to e-mails from people looking for work.

You can only apply for a position in writing following the publication of a vacancy.

Please do not make use of this website for acquisition purposes.

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This site is maintained by the web editorial team of the HSE Department:

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