Health, Safety and Environment

The Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Department is responsible both for the university and for LUMC. The HSE department consists of two sections: Health, and Safety & Environment. The HSE Department is located on the third floor of the Poortgebouw-Zuid.


The Health section is home to the company doctors, the occupational health and organisation experts and the medical research staff .

The section can be contacted via the secretariat (ext. 8015).

Safety and Environment

The Safety and Environment section is home to the safety experts, occupational hygienists, environmental advisers, biological safety staff (incl. the BVFs) and radiation experts of the HSE Department.

The head of the section is Adri Noort, ext. 3254.

Overview of HSE staff

Overview HSE Staff (Jan 2016)
Employee leaflet company doctors HSE department
Manager leaflet company doctors HSE department

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