Leiden University environmental policy

A new environmental policy will be formulated in the course of 2014. The current environmental policy dates from 2009 and covers the period 2009-2013.

The environmental policy of Leiden University focuses on processes which have a (relatively) high negative impact on the environment, both close to and further away from the university, and which it is in our power as a university to influence.

The 2009 memorandum listed a number of recommendations. These recommendations focused on the following spearheads:

  • General recommendations
  • Energy and water
  • Products, waste and emissions
  • Sustainable construction
  • Transport of goods

General recommendations

Care for the environment is linked to the policy cycles for working conditions and health which have been applied in the past years both on the central level and within faculties and service units. This construction ensures that care for the environment is discussed on a yearly basis on the executive level and that the implementation of the recommendations is monitored.
For more information, please contact the environmental advisers, Amber Hensema, Ext. 3094, a.hensema@vgm.leidenuniv.nl or Adri Noort, Ext. 3254, a.noort@vgm.leidenuniv.


Last Modified: 03-04-2017